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2016 Finalists and Winners

INDx Media

Fresh videos + digital marketing

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INDx Media creates videos and channels to grow your business.
We use data to develop content strategies, combined with the art of storytelling, delivering effective video advertising for today’s top digital platforms.

Linking your website, video channels, and social media together for one simple goal – to drive leads for your business.

INDx Media is a digital media agency based in Hamilton, New Zealand.
We look forward to meet you soon.

Call us on +64 (7) 838 1618 or +64 (9) 280 3836
Email: [email protected]

Digital Marketing

Drive more leads online

Creative Videos

New to video? You’re in good company.

Social Channels

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Key Values

What we believe in


To us design is the most important skill and it is the key to win the market. A good product starts with a good design. We believe and invest time in design so clients can enjoy the quality outcome later.


Today’s market demands quality content at high speed while controlling a tight budget. We must trust our team to come with the best solution in context. Because creative efficiency leads to cost savings and happiness.

Team Culture

Things are way more fun when you can work with like minded people. The way we collaborate with each other makes a huge impact on business. People create culture, our passion drives endless possibilities online and in-life.


The tech world is changing everyday, Our entire business is built on the latest technologies. We grow up in the digital world and we love to implement tech to your advantage when possible.


We absolutely cherish long term relationships, and we wish to see clients do well in business. We only wish to focus on people who can appreciate our work value. Open and up front communication is the key.

Expert Skills

Today’s digital media environment demands multiple expert skills such as design, photography, web technology, social media and video production. Our talented team can create endless possibilities.

Brands we have worked with

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