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Identify Audience

Research business and market insights; clearly identify your target audience and their needs. Design the emotional experience behind your communication.

Visual Content

Create Influence

Visually amplify your message. Design and produce relevant, engaging visual communication for your target audience. Create positive influence and evoke behaviour change.

Tech & Media

Enhance Experience

Well-matched technologies and media distribution channels can save you from wasting marketing time and money. Result in leads and responses that can be measured.

You will have fun with us

Video Specialities

Influence Video Series

Educate your audience

Fill your website with relevant video content. The influence video series can be used as homepage video, product videos or testimonials. Allow people to trust you.

Commercial Campaigns

Increase qualifying leads

We produce mind-shift 15sec, 30sec or 60sec commercials/promos. Choose between creative narrative series or simple, point of sale ads. Play on social media, TV or cinema.

INDx Video Project

Create infinite possibilities

Customise creative video content for your purposes. Our flexible video project gives you the freedom to create anything in style.

Media Match

Reduce Marketing Waste

INDx Media

Mind-shift communications to connect people

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INDx Media is a positive influence agency. We visually amplify your message, though video, technology and emotional experience design. Empower you to influence people and solve business problems.

We want to work with open-minded, growth driven companies and organizations.

You will have a great time with us. Let’s bounce some ideas together.
Call us on +64 (7) 838 1618 or +64 (9) 280 3836
Email: [email protected]

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