Website Video Pack

Convert more customers

Fill your website with engaging videos. Our website video pack range from homepage videos to product videos or testimonials, let us power lift your web content today.

Commercial Campaign

Create a series of advertising commercials

We produce industry standard 15sec or 30sec commercials. Choose between creative narrative series or simple, cost-effective price point ads. Use on social media, TV or cinema.

Designer Video Range

Flexible, scalable and creative video content

Customise creative video content for your business, websites, or social media. Our flexible designer video range gives you the freedom to create one or multiple videos in style.

Fresh Video Plan

Frequent, short videos up to 1 min

Digital Distribution

Think Smart Marketing

INDx Media

Your video partner

INDx Media and Indiefilm Logo

INDx Media creates original, creative video content for your digital channels. We are a team of video specialists with a passion of storytelling, delivering effective video projects for today’s top digital platforms.

Power lift your website content and social media today to drive more business.

We operate in Hamilton and Auckland New Zealand.

Call us on +64 (7) 838 1618 or +64 (9) 280 3836

Social Channels

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Key Values

What we believe in


To us design is the most important skill and it is the key to win the market. A good product starts with a good design. We believe and invest time in design so clients can enjoy the quality outcome later.


The tech world is changing everyday, Our entire business is built on the latest technologies. We grow up in the digital world and we love to implement tech to your advantage when possible.

Expert Skills

Today’s digital media environment demands multiple expert skills such as design, photography, web technology, social media and video production. Our talented team can create endless possibilities.

Brands we have worked with

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