Marketing & Advertising

Paid Channel Options

  • Online campaigns (Image, Video and Search)
  • TV campaign (TVNZ, TV3, SKY Channels)
  • Cinema Advertising

Search Engine

Paid Google search results such as AdWords is a great advertising product for bringing traffic to your website. Especially for new businesses whose search ranking is not on the first few pages of search results.

Social Media

Social media can deliver cost-effective marketing returns. Select Facebook or YouTube, your message can reach more people and generate quality leads. We optimise videos for mobile and social platforms right from the start.


Believe it or not, yes people still watch TV. TV commercial campaigns can get your message out to a large TV audience. The other advantage of being on TV is your brand’s credibility. If you sell products to the general public, TV may work for you.


Cinema advertising is the ultimate platform for brands, providing the most powerful medium to impact engaged consumers with audio visual storytelling. The big screen, unrivalled sound quality and darkened auditorium create an immersive environment to watch the best first run content.

Effective media-mix and planning
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Why should I choose INDx Media?

We do excellent, creative media work at a fair price.
So, why not?

Do you offer a range of pricing options?

Yes, we can always quote your job and provide you with a range of budget options. However you will need to provide us with a detailed brief. Different ideas, execution plans and expectations can vary the prices a lot.

How long would it take for you to produce one video?

On average, our project turn around time is 2-4 weeks. Complex project can take much longer. It also depends the scale of your job and on how you collaborate with us.

What is the main difference between the video range?

The main difference is the time we spend on your project.
Your budget has a direct impact on the time and resources we can allocate on a job.

Video production takes a team and a lot work in order to make it look good. The more complex the video, we need to spend time on design, script, animation, graphics, and editing. Hence the more time and budget it will require.

What’s normally included in a quote?

We price what we need to produce the video.

That may include:

> Pre-production Planning
> Communication & Management
> Creative & Design
> Filming Crew and Gear
> Local Travel
> Basic Animation
> Stock Music, video, photo allowance
> Post Production & Editing
> 2 sets of Post Review Editing
> Online Digital Masters
> 3 Months of media file storage

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