Creative & Video

Commercial video production

  • TV commercials
  • Promotional videos
  • Landing page video
  • Interviews
  • Social media channels
  • Documentary
  • Event highlights
  • Product demos
  • Online training
  • YouTube Channels

Showreel Demos

Here are some examples

Indiefilm is a full service video production studio specialising in digital media for today’s merging multimedia channels.
Creatives and quality video production is where we can provide you with tangible value.

Our videos are individually customised for clients. There are many variables that can effect the final pricing.
We need to understand more about your objectives in order to make the best recommendations.

Anything is possible

Video Types

Here are some popular formats

Showcase Videos

Length: 1-2 mins

Our showcase video format is extremely versatile. Perfect for online promotional use. Ideal for products, events, or anything you wish to promote. Visually show the best of your offerings. Can include a host person. Must have for every website!

Commercials (TVC)

Length: 15sec, 30sec

Commercials are short format storytelling designed to influence an audience. Mostly very well planned and produced. It requires storytelling, information design, graphics, copywriting, talent performance, and a decent media campaign to deliver its value.

Brand Story

Length: 2-6 mins

Brand story is the most personal way to engage an audience and convey yourself or your brand online. Story may include testimonials, re-enactments, historical footage, animation. The whole story package is interesting yet informative. The format can be long or short.

Teach & Explain

Length: Up to 10mins

Training or demonstrating a concept in a short amount of time with valuable information. Online training videos are convenient and they help with online ranking, conversion and building trust. Training video usually last longer than other forms of video.

Production Services

Quality executions take a great deal of work.

Brief & Quote

This is the initial contact stage, we need to workout a brief in order to establish project scale and estimate costs.

Production Management

Our producers will take on research, planning and communication tasks to ensure ideas can be turned into action plans.

Creative Works

Design, Storytelling, Script and Art Direction


Indiefilm’s professional film crew are experienced and equipped for different job requirements.


Our editing includes all necessary post production services by putting together a story made of footage, graphics, animation, sound, audio and color grading in one video package.

Animation & Graphics

Animations can make a point of difference. It visualises information and display it in an interesting way.

Music & Audio Mixing

Music, audio and sound mixing is paramount to many video projects.

Post Review Edits

We offer post review editing services to ensure you get what you want.

Media Delivery & Storage

When the video is ready to go, we will deliver the format required for your display platform.

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